Other Services

Liana Eriksen

Sound engineering
Liana is currently developing her skills in both studio recording and live sound engineering. She has successfully completed a number of audio engineering units as part of her Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart. She has recently been working as a sound engineer at the Brisbane Hotel. She is also one of six women currently enrolled in the Thomas Henry Reid Music Foundation’s women’s studio capacity building program, which aims to assist women to develop careers as studio engineers, particularly in the specialised field of mastering.

Lighting production
Liana has basic lighting production experience from volunteering at Faux Mo (part of the MONA FOMA festival) in 2013. She was solely responsible for controlling the lights for performances by Chicks On Speed and All Fires, and received positive feedback for her efforts. She has been continuing to practice these skills while doing live sound at the Brisbane Hotel.

Liana has future plans to organise metal gigs featuring her band, Infernal Outcry. She is very interested in strengthening the metal music scene in Australia, particularly in her home state, Tasmania.

Voice teaching
Liana has extensive experience in a variety of vocal techniques and vocal troubleshooting tailored to the individual. She is hard working and enthusiastic about helping aspiring vocalists to achieve their goals. She is currently available to take on a limited number of students.

Music reviewing
Liana received excellent results in all her written units at university. During her time at the Conservatorium of Music, she acquired considerable experience in critiquing musical performances.

For more information, please contact Liana.